Valve Clearances Mitsubishi 4J11 & 4J12


2 Jul, 2024


Mastering Valve Clearances

a Simplified Guide for setting valve clearances on 4J11 and 4J12 Engines

Learn how to set valve clearances on 4J11 and 4J12 engines the easy way

Step One

Valve clearances Mitsubishi 4J11 & 4J12 are not as scary as they look.  To begin you need to set the engine on TDC cylinder one by rotating the crankshaft clockwise and aligning the timing mark on the rocker shaft assembly with the circular timing mark on the VVT sprocket

4j11 top dead centre
4J11 Lift stopper

Step Two

Slowly rotate the variable lift coupling (using a 24mm 12 point socket) clockwise until the worm wheel lightly touches the minimum lift stopper.   (Note: rotating the coupling clockwise will move the wheel in the minimum lift direction, when rotating in the anti-clockwise direction the worm wheel should move in the maximum lift direction)  

4J11 worm shaft

Step Three

Now slowly rotate the coupling so that the worm wheel moves to the center of the worm shaft (middle lift position).  This position doesn’t need to be exact, as long as it’s close to the middle as pictured


Step Four

Insert a 0.15mm feeler gauge between the swing cam and the roller of the rocker arm.  (if the feeler gauge is too tight to fit, undo the lock nut on the adjuster screw and back off the adjusters until the feeler gauge goes in with minimal force, a nice firm fit is ideal).  Do not install the feeler gauge further than 5mm inwards otherwise you may not be able to remove it at the next step. 

Step 5

Rotate the coupling clockwise back to the minimum lift side until you lightly touch the stopper.  Be sure to check the feeler gauge is still inserted and is no more than 5mm inwards.  Using your adjuster screw, wind the adjuster down until you just contact the valve tip (zero lash), then turn the adjuster a further 45 degrees clockwise.  Tighten the lock nut.  Repeat for the remaining valve.  Remove feeler gauge.

now for the others...

You can set the inlet valves on cylinder 1 and 3 in this position.  To set the clearances on cylinders 2 and 4, rotate the crankshaft 360 degrees.  Now you have learnt valve clearances Mitsubishi 4J11 & 4J12    

Click Here to see the common failure point of the 4J11 4J12 variable lift units.  Genuine replacement units are available Here

Outlander 4J11 Engine

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