Mitsubishi Outlander Compression Issues

Models Affected: Mitsubishi Outlander ZK, ZJ

Engine: 4J12 2.4 Petrol

Recently a customer’s vehicle presented with zero compression on cylinder 2, good compression on all other cylinders and the engine timing was still spot on.  The engine dropped cylinder 2 while cruising at 60kmh and under no unusual load or strain.  We removed the valve cover and the VVL (Variable Valve Lift) valve train unit and found a piece of a pin connecting the main rocker unit to the variable lift eccentric shaft failed, we also noted two other cylinders the same pins were working there way out and failure wasn’t too far away on these cylinders as well.  With this pin boss broken and the pin disengaged from the eccentric shaft,  the inlet valves are getting zero lift and not opening, resulting in the engine unable to build any compression in that cylinder.  A complete replacement VVL unit and camshaft was fitted, tappet clearances set (which is not as easy as it sounds), and we were back up and running again.  If you have a similar issue call Southside Cylinder Heads for the best service and advice on 07 33435899.  We service Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast and all of Queensland.

Cylinder 2

4J12 Variable Lift Rocker Assembly

What It Should Look Like

The Pin On Cylinder 4 Also coming Out